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Cruising to Mont Saint Michel

If you ever read any adventure books when you were a child, the location of the adventure has the ability to make the adventure more exotic, exciting, epic. In grammar school, I read The Secret of Mont Ste. Michel, an adventure with children lost in the passageways beneath Mont Ste. Michel. Think of this tale as precursor of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, but the kids in this tale were lost, cold, and quite hungry (except for a tube of anchovy paste one of the kids had in his pocket).

Since then, every few years, I have dreamed that I was either traveling to or being lost beneath Mont Ste. Michel. in the planning stage of my one trip to France years ago, I looked into going to Mont Ste Michel, but it isn't on major train routes, so with trains and buses, it would have taken a full day to get there. I opted for a week in Paris instead.

But the other day, I found a cruise with Mont Ste Michel listed as a port of call. It may be time to start planning my visit on the smaller cruise ships that call there.


Mont Ste. Michel from the coastal shore.

James West

Mont Ste. Michel from the coastal shore.

The towering Abbey of Mont Ste. Michel.

Fredrik Rubensson

The towering Abbey of Mont Ste. Michel.

Mont Ste. Michel


Mont Ste. Michel aglow at night.