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A cruise day in Alicante, Spain (photos)

Alicante is a mix of old and new. It is a modern city in the south of Spain, with a city like a very modern one, with a new port, it has beautiful beaches, department stores, fountains,  monuments, sculptures and then you see the opposite....the old bull ring that was never finished or refine.  And a castle, on top of the hill ancient that is so opposite of the downtown city, that is the modern like a city in the USA , lol.....the castle over looks the city with views and is high on a hill made of what Seems like carved stones..ancient and over looks the  bull ring and meant residential areas. On the outskirts of Alicante are many wineries and residential areas with houses on large acre T least 5 acre lots, houses are small but have pools and are private. In Alicante is the Fire rescuer helicopter training school and the helicopters that are used to put out fires all over Europe and Africa I. Summer when the heat breaks out the summer fires, it is a beautiful city. But I know some of that because my friend lives there, we didn't go to the helicopter training area, or the winery, it was toooooo hot and it was an 8 hour excursion and we don't drink.

Robin Lampert
The worst thing is to get off a cruise and not have a next one planned.  I have 12 coming up in year or more.