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Travel Lovers Rewards Club benefits  

Welcome to the Club! 

Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, one of 400,000 hotels in our Travel Lovers Rewards Club.

Benefit 1: Hotel savings for savvy travelers

1Thanks for joining! Your membership entitles you to hotel room savings of up to $250 per year at more than 400,000 hotels in the U.S. & abroad.

Just register at the url we sent you via email, then log into your account at to search on hotels in the cities you'll be visiting.

Search hotels by location, date & price and book directly online. You'll also see the number of Wellness Dollars in your account.

The amount of savings varies by location and availability.

Want to know how much you'll save? Just log into your account and search. Here are some recent examples from New York, Chicago and Orlando.

Participating hotels include Hilton, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Marriott, Wyndham, W Hotels, Sheraton, Starwood Hotels, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Mandarin Oriental, Best Western and thousands more.

Members who sign up via PayPal receive three free months to check it out, and then it costs only $2.99 per month or $29 per year.

Questions? Contact us.

Paul Gauguin's Tere Moana off the island of Delos, Greece.
Courtesy of Paul Gauguin CruisesPaul Gauguin's Tere Moana off the island of Delos, Greece.

Benefit 2: Lower cruise fares

2Interested in a cruise? Cruiseable is able to offer you rates that are often hundreds of dollars lower than rates you'll find anywhere on the Web. Our arrangement with the 33 leading cruise lines makes that possible. We share these deals through periodic email alerts.

Additional benefits

Some individuals, such as select bloggers, may receive additional benefits, such as membership in CLEAR and a Content Exchange program. Those benefits are communicated via private email.