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Try Cruiseable's Ship Discovery Tool to sort by Age, Size, Rating, Passenger to crew ratio & more.

Try Cruiseable's Ship Discovery Tool to sort by Age, Size, Rating, Passenger to crew ratio & more.

The Cruiseable difference

7 reasons why Cruiseable is the best choice for your cruise planning & booking needs

Looking to plan and book a cruise vacation? Here are seven ways in which Cruiseable is the best solution for the modern traveler.

We’re accredited travel professionals

The members-only Cruise Lines International Association
The members-only Cruise Lines International Association

We’re accredited with the Cruise Lines International Association. Our expert travel professionals have decades of experience identifying the best deals and lowest prices for tens of thousands of customers. We can help you with hotels, air fare and car rentals, too.

Best prices & no hidden fees


No cruise booking fees — ever! The cruise lines pay agencies like ours a commission, and our staff is instructed to put the customer first, meaning that we work for you at no charge and look after your interests above all else. Our team is trained to find you the right experience at the best value for your vacation dollar. We'll detail all charges up front — including port fees and taxes — so you'll never be surprised by a hidden charge.

Transparency, ethical standards & great customer service


Transparency, honesty and ethics are our bedrock values. We have a reputation for friendly, stellar customer service — it's part of our company culture. Unlike the anonymous call center operators out there, we connect you with a travel expert who knows the ship, cruise line or destination you’re inquiring about, and you'll get introduced to them by name. Our Cruise Ambassadors can offer you some personal tips, too!

We empower our customers

The Cruiseable app: Browse through countless high-def photos on your iPad.
The Cruiseable app: Browse through countless high-def photos on your iPad.

Most travel agencies treat their clients — how shall we put this? — paternalistically. At Cruiseable, we're about putting the decision-making tools in your hands. See our state-of-the-art Bliss Filters (including Price and Date filters), Ship Discovery Tool and Compare Cruises Tool. Isn't it nice to be treated like an adult?

Independent, honest reviews


We love to travel. Our team includes travel journalists who assess cruises and ships based on first-hand experiences and reports — with no influence from the cruise lines. Check out our travel guides, where it's all about helping you find the best things to do and see in port, with none of the usual marketing spin or promotional come-ons.

Exclusive deals


As members of and other partner organizations, we're able to save you hundreds — sometimes thousands — of dollars on cruise and land vacations, many of aren't found through Internet searches because of long-standing cruise line restrictions. Contact us and we'll pass those bargains along.

The best cruise vacation app in the world


Prefer to do your cruise discovery and planning on your iPhone or iPad? Download the free Cruiseable mobile app and swipe swipe swipe away! We're platform independent: Save articles, photos and deals on your mobile device and they'll be there in your Planner when you log onto your home computer. Or vice-versa. Pretty cool. 

Cruiseable team
The Cruiseable editorial team consists of award-winning travel writers, cruise bloggers and journalists.