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Erin Manning

photographer, author, photo-educator
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Los Angeles, CA.

About Me

I'm a photographer, author,educator who loves to cruise!
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  • Cruise tip or discovery
    The best time for photos on the cruise ship (outside) is sunrise and sunset. Don't miss out.
  • My next cruise
    Join me in August on the Crystal Symphony and learn how to make professional-looking movies on your iPad and iPhone!
  • All-time favorite cruise
    Anywhere in the Mediterranean, New Zealand, Tahiti, South America - it's hard to pick one favorite.
  • Favorite tropical drink
    Piña Colada
  • Favorite beach
    Bora Bora
  • Favorite cruise ship activity
  • Desert island packing list
    Bikini, camera, and one quart plastic bags.
  • Claim to fame/Bragging rights
    I met some fun people in Florence on a cruise in 2011 and met up again last summer for a lunchtime dance party on their rooftop, overlooking the Duomo.
  • Ask me about ...
    How to prevent camera condensation.

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