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Dana Vento

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4 Cruises taken
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  • Cruise tip or discovery
    Pay For Restaurants are often FREE for lunch
  • My next cruise
  • All-time favorite cruise
  • Favorite tropical drink
    Hawaiian Marti
  • Favorite beach
    West Bay Beach Roatan
  • Favorite cruise ship activity
    Watching Sunsets
  • Dream cruise¬†destination
  • Desert island packing list
    Matches, Shoes, Sunglasses, Red Wine, Beach Chair, Ponytail holder
  • Claim to fame/Bragging rights
    Recipe Pro Content Writer for largest online appliance company
  • Ask me about¬†...
    Have questions about traveling with food allergies or cruising with food allergies? I am well versed in traveling with teens (my kids come with me everywhere) and providing tips for before you cruise as well as packin tips! Let's Sail!
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