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Anne Chalfant

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Walnut Creek, CA

About Me

I write about travel and cruising for USA Today travel sites 10Best, Experience Cruise and Tripipedia. Also Yahoo! Travel. Head to iTunes for my mobile app, "Cruise! A Guide to Ships and Trips."
  • Cruise tip or discovery
    If you are a real adventurer, explore small ships. With new technology and shallow drafts, they're sailing  places few have ever seen.
  • My next cruise
    Hurtigruten along the coast of Norway into the Arctic Circle
  • All-time favorite cruise
    The last one
  • Favorite tropical drink
    Caparhina (Brazil)
  • Favorite beach
    Hanalei Bay, Kauai
  • Favorite cruise ship activity
    "Owning" the ship during my 5 a.m.wanderings. It's so peaceful, and fun to enjoy all the details I had missed.
  • Dream cruise destination
    Australia's The Kimberley
  • Desert island packing list
    Books; paper and pens for writing. Album of family photos. iPod with music; books. . .said that, but I'll need a big stack.
  • Claim to fame/Bragging rights
    I had an eyeball-to-eyeball with the most dangerous, aggressive cobra in the world, and  we parted friends. No one ever escapes a Cape Cobra with mantle drawn.

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