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  • cliffs-lelepa-vanuatu - The cliffs on Lelepa, Vanuatu.
  • coral-reef-vanuatu - Coral reef on an island south of Santo, Vanuatu.
  • bar-lagoon-vanuatu - A popular spot on/off Vanuatu.
  • cascade-falls-vanuatu - Cascade Falls on Vanuatu.
  • frolic-cascade-falls-vanuatu - Cool off in Cascade Falls, Port Vila on Vanuatu
  • iririki-vanuatu - Iririki Island Resort in Vanuatu.
  • nguna-vanuatu - Nguna from Paonangisi Beach, Vanuatu.
  • sunset-vanuatu - A sunset on the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.
  • mystery-island-vanuatu.jpg - A beach scene at Mystery Island, Vanuatu, in the South Pacific.
  • rainbow-lorikeet.jpg - The Rainbow Lorikeet, a species of Australasian parrot found in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
  • lindblad-ship-pink-sunset.jpg - Enjoy a perfect sunset on a Lindblad Expeditions voyage.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-clear-waters.jpg - Find those perfect out-of-the-way spots on a Lindblad Expeditions sailing in the South Seas.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-golden-tropical-sunset.jpg - Beautiful sunsets and warm breezes await you on your Lindblad expedition to the South Pacific.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-islet.jpg - Clear waters and warm sun await you in the South Pacific on a Lindblad expedition.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-rainbow.jpg - Find your rainbow over the islands of the South Pacific on your Lindblad expedition.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-reef-sharks.jpg - Observe blacktip reef sharks — they're timid around people — on a Lindblad Expeditions voyage to the South Pacific.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-scuba.jpg - Get up close and personal with some reef fish on a Lindblad expedition to the South Pacific.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-sea-urchin.jpg - Look but don't touch: a sea urchin spotted during a Lindblad expedition to the South Pacific.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-sunset.jpg - Take in the perfect sunset on a Lindblad expedition.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-thatch-huts.jpg - A Lindblad expedition comes upon locals in thatch huts in the South Pacific.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-tropical-fish.jpg - Explore a rich underwater world on a Lindblad expedition to the South Pacific.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-tropical-islet.jpg - Visit out of the way South Pacific islets on a Lindblad Expeditions.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-tropical-reef-2.jpg - Pick some dream islands and wade into a cool South Pacific reef on a Lindblad expedition.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-tropical-reef-boats.jpg - All ages can enjoy glimpsing South Pacific tropical fish from a reef boat during a Lindblad expedition.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-tropical-reef.jpg - Find your bliss in the tropical reefs of the South Pacific on Lindblad Expeditions.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-underwater-photography.jpg - Capture your adventures on Lindblad Expeditions to the South Pacific.
  • lindblad-south-pacific-visitors-on-board.jpg - Relax on board after a day exploring tropical islands on your Lindblad expedition.
  • National-Geographic-Orion-and-zodiac.jpg - Explore out-of-the-way island locales on your Lindblad excursion on National Geographic Orion.
  • national-geographic-orion-south-pacific.jpg - An aerial of a Lindblad expedition on National Geographic Orion in the South Pacific.

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