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  • Germany-Passau-Christkindlmarkt - The Passau Christmas Market, or Passau Christkindlmarkt, is set in the old historic town center of Passau.
  • Germany-Passau5 - The scenic town of Passau, Germany. It's called the City of Three Rivers: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz all pass through it.
  • Viking-Passau-night-market - Bundle up and get in the holiday spirit at the Christmas Market in Passau, Germany.
  • Viking-Passau-Cathedral - Beautiful Passau, Germany, features St. Stephen's Cathedral with its distinctive caps on the bell towers.
  • Viking-River-Cruise-Passau - Scenic Passau, Germany, is one of many picturesque towns you can visit on a Viking river cruise.
  • amastella-in-passau.jpg - An aerial shot of the luxury river ship AmaStella sailing in Passau, Germany.
  • bishops-castle-passau.jpg - View of the Danube River from Veste Oberhaus, also called Bishops Castle, founded in 1219 in Passau, Germany.
  • germany-passau-spring-flowers.jpg - Spring blossoms bloom along the riverbank during the cruising season in Passau, Germany.
  • passau-church-pipe-organ.jpg - A classic pipe organ in a church in Passau, Germany, spotted during a Uniworld cruise down the Danube.
  • passau-germany-scene.jpg - See the classic architecture of Passau, Germany, on a Uniworld river cruise.

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