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  • Windstar-Cruises-Wind-Surf-Stella-Bistro - You'll find fine contemporary dishes with a French flair at Stella Bistro, aboard Windstar Cruises' Wind Surf.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Wind-Surf-Veranda-1 - Dine al fresco at Veranda, an ideal mid-ship dining area for enjoying breakfast and lunch aboard Windstar Cruises' Wind Surf.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Amphora-Wind-Surf - Experience the ambience of Wind Surf's contemporary  dining room, Amphora.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Wind-Surf-Veranda - At mid-ship, Veranda provides indoor and outdoor dining for breakfast and lunch aboard Windstar Cruises' Wind Surf.
  • stella-bistro-roasted-rack-of-lamb.jpg - Roasted rack of lamb, aka lamb lollipops, at Stella Bistro on Wind Surf.
  • stella-bistro.jpg - Book a reservation at the alternative restaurant Stella Bistro on Wind Surf. There's no extra charge for dining.
  • eddie-barretto-executive-chef-1.jpg - Eddie Barretto, executive chef of Wind Surf, with a prepared dish at the entryway to the ship's kitchen.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Candles-Grill-on-deck - Dine al fresco on deck and take in the passing scenery while dining at Candles Grill aboard your Windstar cruise.
  • Wind-Surf-captain-on-bridge.jpg - Wind Surf Capt. Pedro Pinto checks navigation settings on the ship's bridge.
  • deck-cadet-lottie-wind-surf.jpg - Lottie Astbury, a deck cadet, on the bridge of Wind Surf.
  • Amanda-Millar.jpg - Amanda Millar, the congenial guest services director on Wind Surf, at sunset with St. Barts in the background.
  • capt-pinto-and-wind-surf-crew.jpg - Wind Surf Capt. Pedro Pinto with a few of his executive officers greet the ship's guests.
  • wind-surf-furuno-radar.jpg - The Furuno MU231, a multi-purpose marine LCD radar unit on the bridge of Wind Surf.
  • transas-marine-navigation-unit.jpg - A Transas Marine navigation unit on Wind Surf.
  • control-panel.jpg - The control panel on the bridge of Wind Surf, featuring hydraulic motors and more.
  • amanda-millar-aft-deck.jpg -  Amanda Millar, guest services director on Wind Surf, at sunset with St. Barts in the background.
  • amanda-millar-in-st-lucia.jpg -  Amanda Millar, guest services director, at sunset on the aft deck of Wind Surf with St. Barts in the background.
  • leonie-david-2.jpg - Leonie and David, two guests from Sydney, on Wind Surf as the mast lights up at twilight.
  • maria-with-cocktail.jpg - Bar steward Maria Lawag whips up a strawberry mojito in Wind Surf's Compass Rose bar.
  • wind-surf-captain-pinto-final.jpg - Capt. Pedro Pinto on the bridge of Wind Surf.
  • wind-surf-passengers-2.jpg - Passengers from New York on the bridge deck of Wind Surf on a Caribbean sailing.
  • short-order-cook.jpg - A cook at the Grill, part of the open-air Veranda on Wind Surf.
  • Anschutz-navigation-device.jpg - A classic navigation device on the bridge deck of Wind Surf.
  • deck-cadet-lottie-final.jpg - Deck cadet Lottie Astbury surveys the horizon from the bridge deck during a Wind Surf sailing.
  • enjoying-cool-one-in wind-surf-pool.jpg -
  • enjoying-cool-one-in wind-surf-pool-1.jpg - Passengers in the pool on the aft deck of Wind Surf.
  • wind-surf-sails-at-night.jpg - Sails spotlit in the evening breeze on Wind Surf.
  • wind-surf-sails.jpg - The sails at twilight on Wind Surf, flagship of Windstar Cruises.
  • wind-surf-sports-platform.jpg - Enjoy a variety of water sports from the platform at the back of Wind Surf.
  • wind-surf-whirlpools-aft-deck.jpg - The aft deck of Wind Surf is the biggest in the Windstar fleet.
  • windstar-float-1.jpg - Passengers relax on a giant ocean float at the rear of Wind Surf.
  • wind-surf-sails-go-up.jpg - The sails go up as Wind Surf departs from Barbuda in the Caribbean.
  • drone-wind-star-pigeon-island.jpg - Drone image of Wind Surf anchored at Pigeon Island, St. Lucia.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Wind-Surf-in-Monte-Carlo - Windstar's Wind Surf gleams at night in the Monte Carlo harbor.
  • Wind-Surf-off-Capri - Windstar Cruises' Wind Surf sails off the coast of Capri, Italy.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Wind-Surf-sunset - Wind Surf at sea. Windstar calls it "the world’s largest sailing yacht," with 310 guests in 154 staterooms, every one with an ocean view.
  • Windstar-Cruises-beach-footprints - Take a romantic stroll on a tropical beach during a Windstar cruise.
  • guadeloupe-lagoon.jpg - A spectacular turquoise lagoon in the French archipelago of  Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe.
  • wind-surf-in-guadeloupe-2.jpg - The 310-passenger Wind Surf in Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe.
  • wind-surf-in-guadeloupe.jpg - A closeup of the sleek premium ship Wind Surf in Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe.
  • dominica-coastline-1.jpg - An early morning mist shrouds the western coastline of Dominica.
  • dominica-coastline-2.jpg - Houses enveloped by a tropical rainforest hug the western coastline of Dominica.
  • sunset-in-dominica.jpg - A stunning sunset in Dominica seen during a Wind Surf cruise.
  • wind-surf-in-barbuda-2.jpg - Wind Surf in tropical Barbuda in the Caribbean.
  • Wind-Surf-in-Barbuda.jpg - Wind Surf and smaller ships in an isolated cove in Barbuda in the Caribbean.
  • caterina-in-snorkel-gear.jpg - Catarina Amorim, a certified open water lifeguard for Wind Surf, in snorkeling gear on Dominica.
  • st-barts-boat-in-harbor.jpg - A sailing vessel in Gustavia Harbour in St. Barts.
  • st-barts-boutique-shops.jpg - Boutique shops on the main street of Gustavia, St. Barts.
  • st-barts-wind-surf-and-tender.jpg - A tender in Gustavia Harbour on St. Barts ferrying passengers from the 310-passenger flagship Wind Surf.
  • st-barts-wind-surf-harbor.jpg - Wind Surf peeks out from behind a rock outcropping in Gustavia Habour, St. Barts.
  • beach-bbq-scene.jpg - Windstar passengers loll in the placid waters of Pigeon Island, St. Lucia, during a beach barbecue.
  • beach-bbq-st-lucia.jpg - Windstar umbrellas and cots set up for a beach barbecue on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia.
  • conches-for-sale.jpg - Colorful conches for sale on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia, in the Caribbean.
  • jumpy-house-at-sea.jpg - An ocean trampoline that saw lots of action during a Windstar beach barbecue on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia.
  • rum-drink-on-beach.jpg - Pouring a rum drink on the beach at Pigeon Island in St. Lucia.
  • sandals-pigeon-island.jpg - A Sandals sailboat takes in Windstar's Wind Surf on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia.
  • st-lucia-beach-party.jpg - Windstar passengers take advantage of kayaks, watercraft and other sports equipment during a beach barbecue in St. Lucia.
  • stand-up-paddleboarding.jpg - Stand-up paddleboarding on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia.
  • wind-surf-in-st-lucia.jpg - Wind Surf anchored in the bay of Pigeon Island, St. Lucia.
  • windstar-island-experience-2.jpg - The Windstar Island Experience gives guests a beach barbecue and choice of water activities.
  • drone-beach-bbq.jpg - The semi-secluded cove on Pigeon Island, St. Lucia, where Windstar set up a beach barbecue.
  • drone-pigeon-island-bbq.jpg - Drone shot of the blue Atlantic and turquoise Rodney Bay at Pigeon Island, a national park in the north of St. Lucia.
  • drone-pigeon-island.jpg - The blue Atlantic to the north and turquoise Rodney Bay at Pigeon Island, a national park in the north of St. Lucia.
  • drone-sandals-pigeon-island.jpg - Sandals Resort (light red rooftops) and Pigeon Island Beach in the northwest corner of St Lucia (drone image).
  • drone-wind-surf-anchored-in-st-lucia.jpg - Wind Surf anchored in idyllic Rodney Bay in the north of St. Lucia (drone image).
  • drone-wind-surf-from-above2.jpg - Drone image of Windstar's flagship, Wind Surf, seen from above in St. Lucia.
  • drone-wind-surf-in-dominica.jpg - A drone image of Windstar's Wind Surf docked in Dominica.
  • drone-frigate-bay-north.jpg - Drone image of the narrow beach and coastline of Frigate Bay in St. Kitts, looking north.
  • wind-surf-in-st-kitts.jpg - Windstar Cruises' 310-passenger flagship Wind Surf in St. Kitts.
  • catamaran-at-sunset.jpg - A catamaran at sunset in St. Barts seen from the deck of Wind Surf.
  • wind-surf-cocktails.jpg - Enjoy a cocktail on deck on your next cruise.
  • wind-surf-in-guadeloupe2.jpg - The premium ship Wind Surf alights in Guadeloupe during a Caribbean cruise.
  • wind-surf-life-preserver.jpg - A life preserver aboard Wind Surf.
  • wind-surf-float.jpg - Passengers relax on a sunny afternoon on a giant ocean float at the rear of Wind Surf.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Europe-shore-excursion-2 - Make off-the-beaten-track discoveries in small European ports of call on Windstar Cruises.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Tortuga-picnic - Guests of Windstar Cruises enjoy local food and great weather during a picnic on the beach in Tortuga, an island in Haiti. Tortuga is Spanish for turtle or tortoise.
  • Windstar-Cruises-Virgin-Gorda - Share a romantic moment in a secluded lagoon during a shore excursion to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Windstar-Cruises-beach-tropics - Walk in the surf with your honey and forget your cares during a Windstar Cruise odyssey to the tropics.
  • Windstar-Cruises-scuba-diving-tropics - Head to pristine tropical waters for some great scuba diving amid coral reefs and schools of colorful fish on a Windstar cruise.
  • Windstar-Cruises-scuba-diving-tropics-2 - A Windstar cruise will take you to destinations where you can experience the thrill of diving in the deep blue waters of the tropics.
  • Windstar-Cruises-waterskiing - Try your hand at waterskiing or one of the other water activities — kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, boat rides along the coast — during your Windstar sailing.
  • Windstar-Cruises-beach-single - Go for a solo stroll in the tropics on your Windstar cruise.

Wind Surf: Windstar's flagship provides off-the-beaten-path adventures

Our review


Sailing on any of the trio of petite four-masted tall sail ships from Windstar Cruises is like living a fantasy — especially when you cruise in French Polynesia or any other tropical paradise. The 342-passenger Wind Surf and its siblings Wind Spirit and  Wind Star are especially popular with active, sophisticated sorts who enjoy being out on the open sea watching the computer-controlled billowy masts blowing in the wind.

Wind Surf sails off the coast of Capri, Italy.
Roger Paperno / Courtesy of Windstar CruisesWind Surf sails off the coast of Capri, Italy.

Unlike the megaships from other cruise lines, the lithe, graceful Wind Surf and her sister ships can slip into hidden coves and tiny harbors. The vibe on board is uncrowded and unhurried, with a dash of intimacy, making guests feel as if they're sailing on their own personal yacht. The flagship Wind Surf's wide-open teak decks, highly unusual for a small ship, provide large amounts of open-deck space for guests to find concealed nooks and have private moments.

With the purchase of three more traditional motorized ships from Seabourn, the Seattle-based company now has a fleet of six. But it's the three stylish, sleek sailing yachts that truly set Windstar apart.

Who will like sailing on Wind Surf

Looking to lose the crowd? Wind Surf docks in smaller ports, appealing to cruise passengers hoping for a more personal cruise experience on board and off. Young, middle-age and young-at-heart couples, singles and adventure travelers who like charming port cities, cultural immersion and off-the-beaten-path excursions will especially like Wind Surf.

Wind Surf is not really suited for families with small children.

Where Wind Surf sails

Wind Surf sails in and around the Caribbean and the Mediterranean on 7- to 23-night voyages. Top destinations this yacht visits include Malta, Amalfi Coast, Mallorca, Malaga, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Dubrovnik and Kotor in the Med and Îles Des Saintes, Castries, Basse-Terre and Falmouth in the Caribbean.

Ratings & awards

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Cruises on this ship

Here's a fun 90-second time-lapse video of Wind Surf in the Port of Cartagena, Colombia.

Where I sailed and what I loved

I have sailed all three of Windstar's original ships, twice to French Polynesia as well as the Med and the Caribbean, and each voyage was as memorable as the last. The three sailing ships also do Panama Canal cruises, Costa Rica itineraries, the Greek Isles and Turkey — take your pick. If you're a Windstar kind of cruiser, you'll love them all. As a Pisces I love the water and the ability to dive into it whenever the captain anchors off shore or sails into a pristine beach or cove.

Highlight of a Wind Surf cruise

The main attraction of Wind Surf is the ease and availability of water sports from the retractable marina when the captain anchors the ship or in the small coves and inlets where the ships can pull up to the shores or send people off on Zodiacs.

The showcase moment, though, is the “sail around” while passengers are in port.  We saw this in the Med and Caribbean, and it was amazing to watch Wind Surf sail by in all her white, billowing masts glory. 

Experience the ambience of Wind Surf's contemporary dining room, AmphorA.
Roger Paperno / Courtesy of Windstar CruisesExperience the ambience of Wind Surf's contemporary dining room, AmphorA.

Food, glorious food!

Dining on Wind Spirit is open seating and the food is often excellent. AmphorA offers gourmet, course-by-course cuisine in the evenings, and its dishes are served on beautifully set tables with Rosenthal china with Riedel stemware. Light and vegetarian cuisine are available on request. My favorite restaurant on board is Stella Bistro, which serves fresh fare with a French twist. I also loved the open air dining areas on the top deck, where you can take in water views, exquisite sunsets and stars while dining al fresco. 

Guests can also make a reservation for Candles, a poolside grill with seating for 30 that serves steaks and grilled skewers. The Veranda Cafe serves breakfast and lunch, while continental breakfast and afternoon tea are served on the Pool Deck. Lunch buffets are a cut above many offered at sea, always attractively presented and usually eagerly attacked by passengers hungry after active mornings. 

Activities on board

Go for a solo stroll in the tropics on your Windstar cruise.
Courtesy of Windstar CruisesGo for a solo stroll in the tropics on your Windstar cruise.

The main focal points of a Wind Surf cruise are the daytime water activities and shore excursions, so don't expect the kind of stage productions or onboard games you'll find on larger ships. On the upper deck, take a dip in the outdoor pool, stretch out in the sun or come back at night to linger in the whirlpool. On the whole the nautical scene rules on these ships by day. After dinner most passengers either hit the bar or go to bed.

Watersports: Passengers can swim in a tranquil cove or reef or get more active. Just head aft to the open-air sports platform, where you can find sailboats, paddleboards, water skis, kayaks and snorkeling and scuba gear. 

On shore: When the crew drops anchor, the reefs and caves are yours to explore. You can also go ashore and shop, join an excursion into a rainforest or wander a medieval city.

Bar & lounge: The ship has three bars and lounges. Socializing at the bar on Wind Surf is a popular pastime, while the main lounge plays its part as a stage for singers or musicians and occasional shows put on by locals in port. 

Spa: The ship's WindSpa doles out top-quality treatments. My first mate Richard and I had aromatherapy massages that were reinvigorating, and I indulged in facials, manicures and pedicures that were quite good. 

Casino: Yes, there's also a casino on board. 


Guest rooms on board include 31 spacious suites, two Bridge Suites and 122 deluxe staterooms. Most oceanview staterooms have a refrigerator. Suite have an additional spacious sitting area.

All staterooms and suites have ocean views and luxury Egyptian cotton linens on the queen bed (which can be separated into twins if you prefer). The spacious bath features granite countertops, ample storage and a roomy shower. Rooms come with an LCD flat-screen TV, DVD/CD players, personal safe, mini-bar with complimentary soft drinks, international direct-dial phone, wireless Internet (for a fee), Bose SoundDock speakers, toiletries by L’Occitane, hair dryer, vanity desk with chair, magnifying mirrors, Euro-Top mattresses, private safe, waffle-weave robes, slippers and alarm clock. You’ll find fresh fruit and flowers always waiting for you after a day of sun or sightseeing. 

During your sailing you're also free to check out and use laptop computers, DVDs, CDs, iPod Nanos, games and books.  

Fun fact

The ship has seven triangular, self-furling, computer-operated sails with 26,881 square feet (or 2,600 square meters) of Dacron surface area.

Your take

How about you? Have you sailed on Wind Surf? We'd love to hear about your experience or see your photos!

Updated from an earlier review. 

Interested in a cruise on this ship?

If you're interested in a cruise on Wind Surf, contact a Cruiseable travel consultant at 1-877-322-3773 or by email. We can usually offer a better deal than you can get by contacting the cruise line directly.



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Patti Pietschmann
I'm the LA Travel Diva and spend time cruising with first mate Richard, traveling the world, reviewing fine restaurants, going to plays, movies and events. It's the good life.

Top highlights on this ship

  • What: Water activities
  • Where: Wind Surf

  • What: Shore excursions
  • Where: Wind Surf

  • What: Welcome reception
  • Where: Wind Surf
  • Gaming in the onboard casino
  • Spa treatments in the WindSpa
  • Complimentary water sports equipment for snorkeling and other excursions
  • All suites and staterooms feature ocean views

Top dining options on board

AmphorA Restaurant

  • Style: Gourmet
  • No additional cost
  • Open: Breakfast, lunch & dinner


  • Style: Continental
  • No additional cost
  • Open: Breakfast & lunch


  • Style: Steak
  • No additional cost
  • Open: Dinner

Fast facts

342 Passengers [?]
210 Crew
7 Decks
1998 Maiden voyage
14,745 Tonnage [?]
535 Length in feet
66 Width in feet (max beam)

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