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  • Bedroom-Deluxe-Veranda-Suite-Silver-Origin.jpg - The bedroom of the Deluxe Veranda Suite aboard Silver Origin.
  • Bedroom-detail-Deluxe-Veranda-Suite-Silver-Origin.jpg - A detail of the bedroom in the Deluxe Veranda Suite aboard Silver Origin.
  • elegant-interior-of-Owners-Suite-Silver-Origin.jpg - The elegant interior of an Owners Suite on Silver Origin.
  • Grand-Suite-bedroom-Silver-Origin.jpg - The bedroom of the Grand Suite aboard Silver Origin, Silversea’s first ship built for the Galapagos.
  • Grand-Suite-dining-area-Silver-Origin.jpg - The dining area of the Grand Suite aboard Silver Origin.
  • Grand-Suite-exterior-Silver-Origin.jpg - The exterior of the Grand Suite on the luxury expedition ship Silver Origin.
  • Grand-Suite-Silver-Origin.jpg - Relax in comfort and style in the Grand Suite of Silver Origin from Silversea.
  • Medallion-Suite-Silver-Origin.jpg -  Relax in the Medallion Suite between excursions to the Galapagos on Silver Origin.
  • Medallion-Suite-Silver-Origin2.jpg - Let your tensions slip away in the Medallion Suite during your Silver Origin sailing.
  • Owners-Suite-seating-area-Silver-Origin.jpg -  The seating area of the upscale Owners Suite on Silver Origin.
  • Owners-Suite-veranda-Silver-Origin.jpg -  Look out at the Galapagos Islands from the veranda of the Owners Suite on Silver Origin.
  • Royal-Suite-Silver-Origin.jpg -  A look inside the Royal Suite aboard Silver Origin, the luxury expedition ship for exploring the Galapagos.
  • Royal-Suite-Silver-Origin2.jpg - The light-filled bedroom of the Royal Suite on Silver Origin from Silversea.
  • Royal-Suite-veranda-Silver-Origin.jpg -  Look out at the Galapagos Islands from the veranda of a Royal Suite on Silver Origin.
  • Silver-Suite-bathrooms-details-Silver-Origin.jpg - Detail of the appointments in a Silver Suite on the luxury expedition ship Silver Origin.
  • Silver-Suite-Bedroom-Silver-Origin.jpg -  Relax in the bedroom of a Silver Suite between excursions to the Galapagos on Silver Origin.
  • Silver-Suite-Living-Room-Silver-Origin.jpg - The spacious Living Room of a Silver Suite on Silver Origin.
  • Superior-Veranda-Suite-Silver-Origin.jpg - The comfy Superior Veranda Suite aboard the Galapagos-purposed ship Silver Origin.
  • Marina-Silver-Origin.jpg - The marina of Silver Origin is where Zodiacs will launch for explorations of the Galapagos Islands.
  • Marina-Silver-Origin2.jpg - Hop into a Zodiac to begin your exploration of the Galapagos on your Silver Origin sailing.
  • silver-origin.jpg - The 100-passenger Silver Origin is Silversea's first ship built for a specific destination: the Galapagos.
  • continental-breakfast-Silversea.jpg - Start your day off with a continental breakfast aboard Silver Origin.
  • The-Grill-Silver-Origin.jpg - Grab a bite and share stories of your trip highlights during your Silver Origin sailing.
  • The-Restaurant-Silver-Origin-main.jpg - Enjoy seafood and regional specialties at the Restaurant on Silver Origin.
  • The-Restaurant-Silver-Origin.jpg - Enjoy seafood and regional specialties at the Restaurant during your Silver Origin cruise.
  • Base-Camp-Silver-Origin.jpg -  Get your bearings and reset at Base Camp during your Silver Origin expedition.
  • Base-Camp-Silver-Origin2.jpg -  The relaxing Base Camp lounge on the Galapagos expedition ship Silver Origin.
  • Corridor-Silver-Origin.jpg - A corridor on the luxury expedition ship Silver Origin.
  • Explorer-Lounge-Silver-Origin.jpg - Meet fellow travelers in the Explorer Lounge board Silver Origin.
  • Explorer-Lounge-Silver-Origin2.jpg - Swap stories with other travelers in the Explorer Lounge during your Silver Origin voyage.
  • Explorer-Lounge-Silver-Origin3.jpg - Stretch out and relax in the Explorer Lounge on Silver Origin, the luxury ship built for experiential travel.
  • exterior-Explorer-Lounge-Silver-Origin.jpg - The exterior of the Explorer Lounge board Silver Origin.
  • Observation-Lounge-Silver-Origin.jpg - Check out the passing landscapes and seascapes from the Observation Lounge on Silver Origin.
  • Observation-Lounge-Silver-Origin2.jpg - Meet interesting travelers in the classy Observation Lounge aboard Silver Origin.
  • respect-the-planet.jpg - A mindful notice on Silver Origin: Respect the planet.
  • Upper-Deck-Silver-Origin.jpg - Look for new horizons and chat up new acquaintances on the upper deck of Silver Origin.
  • Upper-Deck-Silver-Origin2.jpg - The upper deck of Silver Origin is the perfect place to scope out the Galapagos landscapes.
  • Upper-Deck-Silver-Origin3.jpg - Head to the upper deck of Silver Origin for a great vantage point to take in the Galapagos.
  • Upper-Deck-Silver-Origin4.jpg - A look at the upper deck of the luxury expedition ship Silver Origin.
  • Upper-Deck-whirlpool-Silver-Origin.jpg - Soak in a whirlpool during a break from the action on your Silver Origin sailing.
  • bar-at-Explorer-Lounge-Silver-Origin.jpg -  Relax at the bar at the Explorer Lounge between your adventures on Silver Origin.
  • sally-lightfoot-galapagos2.jpg - A Sally Lightfoot crab in the Galapagos.
  • blue-footed-booby_Galapagos - The flat terrain allows guests a close view of the blue-footed booby. About half of all breeding pairs nest on the Galápagos.
  • Galapagos-frigate-bird - A frigate bird gets a little puffed up in the Galápagos.

Silver Origin: Eco-conscious visits to the Galapagos


Silversea welcomed Silver Origin to its fleet in June 2021. The luxury expedition vessel was designed specifically for the Galapagos with a design that focuses on sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint for sailing in those protected waters.

Being eco-conscious is important, but Silversea adds a level of style and comfort rarely seen on expedition ships. Silver Origin maintains the all-suite configuration of larger Silversea ships, though with fewer suites. One result is more personalized service, with a nearly 1-to-1 ratio between guests and crew members. 

Dining in The Restaurant or in the Grill features fresh ingredients with the flavors of Ecuador as well as other cuisines.

The destination, of course, is at the center of this cruise experience. Silversea has created BaseCamp, a knowledge center for passengers. Guides used for expeditions are licensed by the Ecuadorian National Park of the Galapagos.

Where Silver Origin sails

Silver Origin sails through the Galapagos year round. Whether you enjoy hiking, snorkeling or kayaking, you can hop into a Zodiac to spend hours exploring the islands. Or choose a Zodiac cruise with a naturalist so you get a seaside view of the islands. The fascinating flora and fauna of this archipelago are waiting for you. 

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Top highlights on this ship

  • What: Blue-footed booby
  • Where: Galapagos

  • What: Explorer Lounge
  • Where: Deck 4

  • What: BaseCamp
  • Where: Deck 3

Top dining options on board

The Restaurant

  • Style: Seafood & regional cuisine
  • No additonal cost
  • Open: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Fast facts

100 Passengers [?]
90 Crew
6 Decks
2021 Maiden voyage
5,800 Tonnage [?]
331 Length in feet
52 Width in feet (max beam)
16 speed (mph) [?]

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