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  • National-Geographic-Lewis-Clark-Sea-Bird.jpg - Retrace Lewis & Clark's western journey during a trip on National Geographic Sea Bird.
  • National-Geographic-Lewis-Clark-Columbia-River-Gorge.jpg - Visit the Columbia River Gorge and take in the beautiful sights during a Lindblad Expeditions tour of Lewis & Clark sites.
  • national-geographic-sea-bird-at-sea.jpg -  National Geographic Sea Bird sails to Alaska, the Northwest United States, and Baja Mexico and the Sea of Cortez.
  • National-Geographic-Lewis-Clark-Multnomah-Falls.jpg - Visit the historic Lewis & Clark site of Multnomah Falls near the Columbia River with Lindblad Expeditions.
  • tropical-bird-panama.jpg - A pretty tropical bird spotted amid wildflowers in Panama.
  • panama-canal-locks.jpeg - A dad and child take in the historic Mira Flores Locks as a Lindblad Expeditions vessel passes through the Panama Canal.
  • central-america-tree-frog.jpg - An endangered Central America tree frog spotted on a Lindblad Expeditions journey.
  • red-parrot.jpg - A colorful parrot spotted in Costa Rica.
  • kayakers-lindblad.jpg - Kayakers on a Lindblad Expeditions trip to Central America.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-Bald-Eagle.jpg - See a majestic bald eagle during a Lindblad Expedition visit of Baranof Island, Alaska.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-Brown-Bear.jpg - A large brown bear wades into a stream in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-Kayaking.jpg - Kayak the beautiful waters of Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, on a Lindblad expedition.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Alaska-humpback-whale.jpg -   A humpback whale surfaces to greet visitors on a Lindblad Expeditions excursion.
  • bear-Kelp-Bay-Alaska.jpg - A brown bear pays little heed to visitors during a Lindblad Expeditions visit to Kelp Bay, Alaska.
  • Alaska-killer-whales.jpg - A family of killer whales surfaces in the Johnstone Strait in Vancouver during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • Alaska-Williams Cove-Dawes-Glacier.jpg - A waterfall streams down Dawes Glacier at William's Cove in Alaska.
  • Alaska-Brown-Bear-Salmon.jpg - While on a hike of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, see a brown bear as it hunts for salmon.
  • Alaska-humpback-whale.jpg - The tail of a humpback whale emerges from the water in Alaska during a Lindblad Expeditions voyage.
  • Alaska-brown-bears-fishing.jpg - Three brown bears fish for pink salmon in a stream in Alaska during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • Alaska-killer-whale.jpg - A large killer whale surfaces in Chatham Strait, Alaska, during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • National-Geographic-Seabird-in-Alaska.jpg - Sail to Le Conte Bay in Stikine Flats, Alaska, aboard National Geographic Sea Bird during a Lindblad Expeditions trip.
  • Alaska-humpback-whale-breaching.jpg - An adult humpback whale breaches after disaffiliating from a group along the west side of Chatham Strait in Southeast Alaska during a Lindblad expedition.
  • alaska-sea-lions.jpg - Travelers taking a Lindblad Expeditions tour observe a sea lion colony in Inian Pass near Cross Sound, southeastern Alaska.
  • national-geographic-sea-bird-sea-of-cortez.jpg - National Geographic Sea Bird cruises through the Sea of Cortez during a Lindblad-National Geographic Expedition.
  • sea-of-cortez-sunset.jpg - Take in incredible views of the sunrise while sailing the Sea of Cortez in Baja on a Lindblad-National Geographic expedition.
  • Gray-Whale-Spy-Hopping.jpg - A gray whale spy-hopping near whale watchers in the town of Puerto Lopez Mateos, Mexico, during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • touching-gray-whale.jpg - Have a close encounter with a gray whale during your Lindblad Expeditions tour of Baja's Sea of Cortez.
  • touching-gray-whale2.jpg - Have a close encounter with a gray whale during your Lindblad Expeditions tour of the Sea of Cortez in Baja.
  • sea-of-cortez-cactus-at-sunset.jpg - Go on a hike and get incredible views of Loreto Bay National Park's landscape and giant barrel cactuses during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.
  • dolphins-national-geographic-sea-bird.jpg - Dolphins go airborne in front of the National Geographic Sea Bird during a Lindblad-National Geographic expedition to Baja's Sea of Cortez.
  • sea-of-cortez-kayak.jpg - Go on a restorative kayaking adventure in the Bay of Loreto National Marine Park during a Lindblad Expeditions tour.

National Geographic Sea Bird: Built to see wildlife


National Geographic Sea Bird from National Geographic-Lindblad Expeditions is designed to navigate narrow inlets and wildlife-rich passageways inaccessible to larger ships, while comfortably accommodating 62 guests in 31 outside cabins. Along with spacious viewing decks, this nimble vessel carries innovative exploration tools, including a SplashCam and a hydrophone that enable passengers to look and listen beneath the waves.

Public areas include a lounge with a full-service bar and facilities for film, slide shows and presentations; a dining room; a library; an observation deck; a partially covered sun deck with chairs and tables; a gift shop; and a spa. All meals are served in a single seating with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere and easy mingling.

The ship (like her sister ship National Geographic Sea Lion) is equipped with Zodiacs and kayaks, snorkeling gear, exercise equipment and a wide range of cameras to record the surrounding wildlife. A full-time doctor, a photo instructor, a video chronicler and a wellness specialist accompany every voyage. Internet access and laundry service are available on board. All cabins have a window with an outside view, private facilities and climate controls.

Where National Geographic Sea Bird sails

The Sea Bird sails to Alaska, the Northwest United States, and Baja Mexico and the Sea of Cortez.

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62 Passengers [?]
24 Crew
3 Decks
1982 Maiden voyage
630 Tonnage [?]
152 Length in feet
33 Width in feet (max beam)

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