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  • delfin-ii-observation-deck.jpg - The open-air Observation Deck on Delfin II.
  • delfin-ii-main-lounge.jpg - The lounge on Delfin II, which sails the upper Amazon River.
  • delfin-ii-dining-room.jpg - Head to the dining room on Delfin II for fresh, locally sourced cuisine.
  • delfin-ii-master-suite.jpg - The Master Suite on Delfin II, which sails the mighty Amazon.
  • Delfin-II-on-amazon-river.jpg -  Delfin II sails down the Amazon River during a Lindblad expedition.
  • Delfin-II-on-amazon.jpg -  Delfin II sails down the Amazon River during a Lindblad expedition.
  • delfin-II-on-deck.jpg - Relax while sailing down the Amazon in comfort on Delfin II.
  • delfin-II-on-the-water.jpg - The petite 28-passenger Delfin II sails the upper Amazon River.
  • Delfin-II-at-sunset.jpg - At sunset, Delfin II sails down the Marañon River, the principal source of the Amazon River.
  • Amazon-Macapa-Brazil - The Amazon, not far from its mouth, around Macapá - Amapá, Brazil.
  • amazon-birds-wildlife.jpg - Birds gather around the ship on a Lindblad Expeditions boat tour of the Amazon River.
  • amazon-sloth.jpg - See a three-toed sloth as it climbs up a tree in the Amazon.
  • amazon-kayaking.jpg - Go on a thrilling kayaking tour while on a Lindblad expedition down the Amazon River.
  • amazon-black-collared-hawk.jpg - A black-collared hawk flies in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in the Amazon during a Lindblad Expeditions visit.
  • Lindblad-Expeditions-Amazon-Boat-Tour.jpg - Travelers explore the Amazon River on a boat tour while on a Lindblad Expedition visit.
  • amazon-lizard.jpg - Spot a lizard while hiking through the Amazon on a Lindblad Expedition.
  • amazon-green-lizard.jpg - Spot a stunning green lizard while hiking through the Amazon on a Lindblad Expedition.
  • amazon--exotic-bird.jpg - Spot the diverse native wildlife of the Amazon as you go on a hiking trip during a Lindblad expedition.

Delfin II: Explore the Amazon in sustainable fashion


Delfin II is a stately riverboat, built for the express purpose of exploring deep into the Peruvian Amazon at the headwaters of the mighty river — and doing so in  tropical style. 

Chartered (but not owned) by Lindblad Expeditions, Delfin II comfortably accommodates 28 guests, and she is perfect size for sailing the upper Amazon. Her entire third deck is open-air, offering gracious open deck space where the expedition community gathers. Public spaces  are luxurious and well-appointed and offer sweeping views of the river and rainforest. Furnishings are made of sustainably harvested local rain forest wood, and the ship is decorated with handicrafts from the ribereños, native people of the wildlife preserve the ship explores.

A gracious hotel staff makes an art of providing impeccable shipboard services. The facilities on board are modern, but you will still be cruising on the Amazon, so there is no Wi-Fi on the ship and your cell phones will work in only a few locations during the cruise.

Where Delfin II sails

Delfin II sails the upper Amazon River. 

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Relax while sailing down the Amazon in comfort on Delfin II.
Richard Maack / Courtesy of Lindblad ExpeditionsRelax while sailing down the Amazon in comfort on Delfin II.

Skiffs & kayaks for up close exploration

You will get close to the Amazon’s rare wildlife and explore the tributaries that feed these rivers aboard 10-person skiffs that feature individual seats with cushions and plenty of legroom. Local naturalists, expert in spotting wildlife, join passengers in the skiffs. Kayaks offer a quiet way to explore remote, seldom-visited side streams. The skiffs also come equipped with rain gear for all passengers, in case you get caught in a storm.

Five-star dining

Dining aboard is an extraordinary event daily. Meals are artfully prepared, and all food served aboard, except for olive oil and balsamic vinegar, is sourced locally. The dining room accommodates all guests at once for a single seating.


Choose from a suite or a master suite, which offers better viewing of your cruise with wrap-around windows that follow the curve of the ship. Warm woods and clean lines, comfortable beds and air-conditioning are found in each cabin. 

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Fast facts

28 Passengers [?]
22 Crew
3 Decks
2009 Maiden voyage
498 Tonnage [?]
120 Length in feet
32 Width in feet (max beam)

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