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  • amadahlia_restaurant_rendering.jpg -   Enjoy the flavors of regional and Western cuisine while dining al fresco on AmaDahlia.
  • AmaDahlia_stateroom.jpg -  AmaDahlia features 16 spacious suites with a wealth of amenities.
  • AmaDahlia_Main_Lounge_Bar_Rendering.jpg -  A look at the main lounge and bar aboard AmaDahlia (digital rendering).
  • AmaDahlia_Main_Lounge_Rendering3.jpg -  The bright and airy lobby aboard the Nile River ship AmaDahlia (digital rendering).
  • AmaDahlia_Sun_Deck_Rendering.jpg -  A rendering of the sun deck on AmaDahlia.
  • AmaDahlia_Lobby_Rendering.jpg -  The spacious lobby aboard the Nile River ship AmaDahlia (digital rendering).
  • AmaDahlia_Lobby2_Rendering.jpg -  The bright and airy lobby aboard the Nile River ship AmaDahlia (digital rendering).
  • amadahlia.jpg -  The 72-passenger AmaDahlia offers 7-night round-trip cruises along the Nile River.
  • Karnak-Temple-at-Luxor-Egypt-ram-statues - Ram statues at Karnak Temple complex at Luxor, Egypt.
  • Nile-Egypt - Views along the River Nile.
  • Karnak-Temple-column-Luxor - Columns inside the Karnak Temple compound at Luxor, Egypt. See it as part of a cultural experience on a safe and secure river cruise.
  • Great-Hypostyle-Hall-at-Karnak-Temple-Egypt - A panoramic view of the Great Hypostyle Hall in Karnak Temple at Luxor, Egypt. Once roofed, it dwarfs visitors with  dozens of colossal columns reaching 75 feet into the sky.
  • Precinct-of-Montu-at-Luxor - The Gateway of Ptolemy III Euergates I / Ptolemy IV Philopator of the Precinct of Montu at Luxor, Egypt. See it as part of a cultural experience on a river cruise.
  • Karnak-Temple-interior-Luxor - Inside the Karnak Temple compound at Luxor, Egypt. See it as part of a culturally enriching river cruise.

AmaDahlia: Exploring the Nile River in comfort & style

Health notice: As a safety precaution, AmaWaterways requires all guests to provide proof they've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before boarding.


If you’ve longed to finally take that cruise along the Nile River, the elegant AmaDahlia is a great choice. The new 72-passenger ship from AmaWaterways offers 36 staterooms, including 16 spacious suites with a wealth of amenities that will surprise and delight you.

On board you'll find a heated sun-deck swimming pool and bar, The Chef’s Al Fresco Restaurant, a hair and nail salon and two massage rooms. Take in scenic Nile River views in luxury, enjoy regionally inspired entertainment and savor the flavors of both local and Western cuisine on board.

Where AmaDahlia sails

AmaDahlia feature 7-night cruises along the Nile River round trip from Cairo starting in September 2021. A highlight is the visit to Luxor on the site of ancient Thebes, the pharaohs’ capital at the height of their power during the 16th to 11th centuries B.C. Today's city surrounds two huge, surviving ancient monuments: graceful Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple, a mile north. The royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are on the river’s west bank.

Cruises on this ship

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Top highlights on this ship

  • What: Classic destinations
  • Where: Luxor

  • What: Main lobby
  • Where: Decks 2-3

  • What: Al fresco dining
  • Where: Main deck

Fast facts

72 Passengers [?]
62 Crew
4 Decks
2021 Maiden voyage
1,000 Tonnage [?]
236 Length in feet
43 Width in feet (max beam)
10 speed (mph) [?]

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