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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts to get ready for your cruise in new year

It’s that time of year: Christmas is fast approaching and dreams of 2016 cruises are already dancing in travelers' heads.

To help you with your vacation planning, we're put together this list of Top Cruise Gifts for the New Year. See you on board or on shore!

Cruise tag holders

20Why waste time folding and stapling your cruise tags to your luggage. With these nifty, reusable holders, you won’t have to worry about your tags falling off and the possibility of your luggage not getting to your stateroom. These inexpensive cruise tag holders make great stocking stuffers. Available here.

Towel clips

19These perfect gadgets will solve all your tanning dilemmas while laying out in the Caribbean sun on your next cruise. Just clip to secure your towel to the chair and no more blowing in the wind. These towel clips make another great stocking stuffer for all the cruisers in your life. Available here.

towel clips

Flip Flop luggage tags

18All luggage tends to look the same at the airport, so make sure yours stands out. Whether it is colorful, meaningful, or sparkly, a luggage tag that expresses your personality is a great little item to have. I personally love these Flip Flop luggage tags. Available here.

Flip Flop luggage tags

Anchor bottle stopper or bottle opener

17Why not add a little nautical flair to your home decor to remind you of the sea even when you aren’t cruising? These anchor bottle stoppers and bottle openers are great little gadgets to have around your kitchen and will make for good conversation with guests this holiday season. Available here.

Anchor bottle stopper or bottle opener

Inflatable hangers

16Every cruiser knows that storage space is limited and that you can never have enough hangers. These inflatable hangers are lightweight and take up virtually no space in your suitcase. You can use them for extra storage in the closet or to hang wet bathing suits to dry in the bathroom, so be sure to add them to your Christmas list this year. Available here.

Travel luggage scale

15Worry that your suitcases will weigh in at more than 50 pounds at the airport so you're subject to a costly extra charge? Well, worry no more because this portable scale will allow you to weigh your luggage when packing to ensure it is less than 50 pounds. No more embarrassing moments at the airport! Available here.

Water bottle

14This water bottle and pill organizer combo is a great space saving tool. If you need to take medications throughout the day, this bottle will come in handy poolside or while ashore at a port of call. It has separate daily compartments so you can take a week supply of medications with you on your cruise. Available here.

Double wine bottle protector

13Most cruise lines allow for 2 bottles of wine to be taken onboard. That’s why this double wine bottle protector makes our list of the Top Cruise Gifts for 2015. It offers a convenient carrying case complete with a handle for two bottles. The soft neoprene case will protect the bottles and takes up virtually no extra space in your luggage. Available here.

Waterproof case

12Perfect for those beach trips or times spent near the water, these cases give you easy access to your phone with additional protection. They are not foolproof, so I would not recommend submerging your phone in water when in one of these travel pouches, but they are an inexpensive accessory to have around the pool or at the beach. Available here.

Selfie stick

11Yes, 2015 was the year of the selfie stick. This Quick Pod Selfie Extreme is no ordinary selfie stick, though. It can be used with a GoPro, smartphone, or camera and comes complete with multiple attachments/accessories. The best part is that it extends from 1.5 to 4 feet to incorporate you and the scenery in your shots! Available here.



This handy camera accessory also comes with a smartphone attachment that makes taking pictures a breeze. If you don’t want to get caught up in the selfie stick trend, this gorillpod offers another option for you to capture selfies of you and your family. Just secure this flexible tripod in place, set your camera’s self timer, and get ready to pose. Available here.

Travel power strip


We cruisers all know that outlets are very limited on ships, so it is always a good idea to bring a small multi-charger tool to allow for extra charging locations for all those portable devices. This small, yet efficient device offers 2 extra rotating outlets and 2 USB outlets. Of course, there are larger versions available if you want more outlet space. Available here.

Gadget & Cord Travel Organizer


If you're a techie who loves to travel with all the latest gadgets but gets overwhelmed with all the cords that go along with them, then this organizer is perfect for you. It offers a tablet storage compartment and plenty of woven elastic grid space to neatly pack and store all the associated cords and other accessories. Available here.

Beach Bag


The ladies will agree with me that no cruise would be complete without the perfect nautically themed beach bag, so that’s why it makes our list of the Top Cruise Gifts for 2015. This waterproof option comes in a select variety of color patterns and has zip closure pockets. You can even go the extra mile and get the bag embroidered for that special someone this holiday season. Available here.

Lens for iPhone


Another great gift for the tech savvy in your life is this iPhone lens. Instead of carrying around an iPhone and a camera, why not take camera quality photos right from your iPhone? This compact lens can clip on and off your device and offers a greater variety of shooting options with its 4 in 1 design. This is going on our Christmas list this year! Available here.



The Fitbit makes for a great gift for the health-conscious cruiser in your life. This wearable band not only serves as a watch but also keeps track of your calories burned, distance walked, and steps taken during your day. Some models will also track your heart rate and sleep quality. Now you indulge in a few goodies and make sure you work off the calories later! Available here.

Bed & bath


Who wouldn’t want to feel like they are on a cruise all the time? Well now you can. Royal Caribbean offers this fabulous bedding and bath collection. Available here.

This familiar looking white bedding set will make you feel like you are falling asleep on your favorite cruise ship every night. The bedding collection is available in Full, Queen, and King sizes.

And why not continue the Royal Caribbean trend into the bathroom with this towel set embroidered with the crown and anchor? The set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, two face towels, and a bath mat. 

Onboard experiences


If the cruisers in your life already have most of the handy items listed above, and you are still looking for ideas for gifts this holiday season, purchase a unique onboard experience. Some cruise lines (and Cruiseable, too) will allow you to purchase items as gifts such as specialty dining, spa treatments, and shore excursions.

Even if you can’t purchase these items directly, you can never go wrong with a cruise company gift card that can be used to purchase any of the above as well as drinks and more!

Twirling knives and juicy shrimp straight from the grill add up to a Hibachi style treat at Teppanyaki, an authentic Japanese experience on your Norwegian Cruise Line sailing.
Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise LineTwirling knives and juicy shrimp straight from the grill add up to a hibachi style treat at Teppanyaki, an authentic Japanese experience on your Norwegian Cruise Line sailing.

Bluetooth luggage from Bluesmart


If you want to splurge a little this holiday season, then be one of the first to purchase this new Bluesmart carry-on sized luggage. Although it comes at a hefty price, this piece of luggage does just about everything! That is why it ranks No. 2 on our list of the Top Cruise Gifts for 2015.  It connects wirelessly to your smartphone so you can lock it, weigh it, locate it remotely. It even has an easy to access electronics compartment for going through airport security and a built in phone charger. Available here.

Cruise vacation (natch)


Of course, a cruise vacation ranks No. 1 on our list of the Top Cruise Gifts for 2015! Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up on Christmas morning to find that Santa has delivered a cruise vacation? Even for those who have not cruised before, a cabin on the newest or hottest ship is sure to get them excited and ready to “sea the world one port at a time”.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and happy holidays, everyone! May all your cruise dreams come true in the new year!

DB & the Princess
Along with my wife, I'm the co-editor of, helping you sea the world, one port at a time!