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Robin Lampert

A day in Toulon, France (photos)

     Toulon is a port city on the Southern french Mediterranean Coast. It's most known for its Naval Base and the harbour for submarines and warships as well as many fishing boats and recreational boats. I is also a port to many ferries traveling to other ports in the mediterranean. We took a ride up Mount Faron which is the highest point in Toulon overlooking the city, and ports including the Naval Port. The road going up to the top of Mount Faron is one way up and one way down, a road with no siderails.It Was a very interesting ride up and down, with hair pin turns and sights that were beautiful. The other way up is a lift from the marina. On the top of Mount Faron is a souvenier shop, eating area and a zoo as well as many road stops to view the marina and city and take pictures. It is a beautiful port close to Mairselles and Port Grimaud and St. Tropez.

Robin Lampert
The worst thing is to get off a cruise and not have a next one planned.  I have 12 coming up in year or more.