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5 Romantic experiences in Rome

Rome, the capital city of Italy is famous in the world for various reasons. From ruins of famous Colosseum to the history of Roman Forum, Rome has many more things to explore.  We bring out here the list of romantic things to do in Rome. 


Gelato Heaven


Rome is a city full of iconic sites and locations. One of these is experiencing the Italian gelato which gives you the opportunities to stop and have a taste of the famous Italian cuisine. Located near the Pantheon Gelato Heaven is Founded in 1990. No trip to Rome is completed without a stop to Gelato Heaven and have a taste of famous Italian ice cream. 


Experience the Trevi Fountain


It is said that whoever tosses one coin with their back to the Trevi Fountain will return to this romantic city one day, those who toss two coins will get their true love here and those who toss three coins will get married in Rome. The best thing is that the crown throne is collected and donated to the charities. 


Ride a Vespa 


Vespa is a local transport in Rome which was introduced to the public in 1946. Its popularity increased with passing days and became a symbol of Rome. The tourists who reached Rome have a strong desire to experience the Vespa ride to avoid the traffic in Rome and enjoy the Roman Holiday.


The Orange Garden


The Orange Trees Garden which is also known as the Savello Park offers a romantic setting. Designed by Raffaele De Vico in 1932 it is one of the favourite scenic spots with panoramic views of the city. From the center of the garden visitors can admire the famous St. Peter’s dome.  The orange garden is also the perfect location to enjoy the sunset.


Hit the Spa

If you want to enjoy away from the crowd of the city and relax for sometime, hitting a spa with your partner is the best option. Consider Victoria Regeneration Spa to enjoy the Tyrrhenian sea. You can find Prince Spa near the Villa Borghese and Via Veneto at the heart of Rome. 


There are several things to explore for a romantic holiday in Rome. Have an amazing romantic trip to Rome.