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Top outdoor travel destinations of 2022

The Washington Post recently came out with a list of the most popular destinations for 2022 travel, according to experts. And it makes a lot of sense. 

From the article:

Americans are eager to get to Western Europe.

Countries that reopened first in 2021 and remained dependable options — such as Greece, Croatia and Iceland — will continue to be high priorities for travelers. Gabriella Horvath, a travel consultant for Now-or-Never-Travel, says the other draw of these European destinations is their outdoor appeal (vs. France and England, where indoor activities such as museum visits are major selling points).

If travelers want to wait until after the omicron wave to visit, classic stops such as France and Italy are still high priorities. The French and Italian Riviera are popular for summer plans. ...

With burnout continuing to plague American workers, one of the most requested vacations is a relaxing trip to a nearby beach. 

Hawaii, Florida and Puerto Rico top the list for domestic beaches. Internationally, Mexico is one of the most appealing picks for warm-weather escapes free of travel restrictions. There are also Caribbean nations; Turks and Caicos and the Dominican Republic are high on people’s lists.

For its beaches and adventures inland, Costa Rica is another destination of interest with few restrictions.

JD Lasica
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