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  • DR-Volunteers-Working-in-Cacao-Farm-2.jpg - With impact travel, you can plant cacao trees to help the local communities of the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Band-on-Stage-2-1.jpg - Hear local musicians during your cruise to the Dominican Republic.
  • Fathom-Adonia-exterior.jpg - MV Adonia is now part of Fathom, cruising to Cuba and the Domincan Republic.
  • Cuban-Man-Carrying-Base-in-Front-of-Painted-Cuban-Flag.jpg - Visit Cuba on a cruise to hear local musicians in Havana and Cienfuegos.
  • Cuba-Women-Dancing-in-Bright-Red-Dresses.jpg - Cultural exchanges include exposure to local artists, musicians and dancers.
  • Adonia-Port-Bow.jpg - Explore Cuba or the Dominican Republic during impact travel cruises on Adonia from Fathom.
  • DR-Band-on-Stage.jpg - See local musicians while visiting the Dominican Republic.
  • Cuba-Two-Cars-Parked-on-Street-With-Colorful-Buildings2.jpg - Visit Old Havana on a cruise.
  • Fathom-Adonia-atrium.jpg - Make an entrance on the grand staircase in the atrium of Adonia, a Fathom ship that cruises to Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
  • Cuba-Beach-Sunset.jpg - Find your perfect sunset on a cruise to Cuba.
  • DR-Waterfall.jpg - Cool down in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Travelers-Dining-with-Locals.jpg - Dine with locals, if you wish, as part of an impact travel cruise.
  • Adonia-Raffles.jpg - Kick back at Raffles Lounge on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Passengers-at-the-Bar-2.jpg - The Pool Terrace Bar on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Cuba-Small-Boats-and-Stone-Beach-with-Palm-Trees.jpg - Experience the authentic Cuba on your cruise.
  • Adonia-Lido-Deck-at-Night.jpg - Stroll the Lido Deck during those warm Caribbean nights on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Cuban-Women-in-Dresses-with-Flowers2.jpg - Cuban women selling flower blossoms in Old Havana.
  • Cuba-Man-Playing-Trumpet-at-Night-in-Front-of-Church.jpg - The Plaza de la Catedral in the center of Old Havana offers opportunities to hear local musicians.
  • Cuba-Man-Playing-Bongos2.jpg - Fathom cruises to Cuba feature social and cultural opportunities, including sampling the local music.
  • Cuba-Havana-From-the-Shore_01.jpg - Havana, the capital of Cuba, has more than 2.1 million inhabitants.
  • Cube-Starfish-on-Ocean-Floor.jpg - View starfish while snorkeling on a Fathom cruise to Cuba.
  • DR-Man-Surfing-on-Wave.jpg - A surfer near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.
  • Cuban-Mural_03.jpg - A mural on a street in Cuba.
  • DR-Young-Girl-Smiling-2.jpg - Girl in the Dominican Republic.
  • Cuba-Pier.jpg - Imagine sitting on a quiet pier in Cuba, watching the world go by.
  • DR-Two-Men-Paddling-in-Ocean-with-Beach-and-Palm-Tree-in-Background.jpg - Learn to surf in the gentle waves of the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Two-Women-in-Doorway-of-Cacao.jpg - Come meet the locals on a cruise to the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Two-Young-Girls-Playing-in-Water-2.jpg - Join in the fun on a cruise to the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Volunteers-Working-in-Cacao-Farm.jpg - Volunteers at a cacao farm in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Waterfall-5.jpg - Cap a beautiful hike with a cool swim while on a cruise to the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Waterfall-8.jpg - A waterfall in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Waterfall-Tide-Pool.jpg - Enjoy the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic on a cruise.
  • DR-Young-Boy.jpg - Boy in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Young-Girl-Photo.jpg - Young girl in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Young-Girl-Smiling-4.jpg - Teenager in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Young-Men-on-Motorcycles-Photograph.jpg - Young men in the Dominican Republic.
  • Cuba-Artist-Sitting-in-Front-of-Paintings.jpg - Meet local artists during your cruise to Cuba.
  • Cuba-Beach-Landscape-at-Dusk-with-Building_01.jpg - A beach scene in Cuba.
  • Cuba-Beach-Landscape-with-Purple-Sky.jpg - A Cuban beach at sunset.
  • Cuba-Beach-Sunset-with-Small-Waves-Breaking.jpg - Cruise to Cuba and explore miles of beaches.
  • Cuba-Beach-with-Palm-Trees-and-Multiple-Small-Boats.jpg - Blue skies, turquoise waters and beautiful beaches await on a Fathom cruise to Cuba.
  • Cuba-Beach-with-Palm-Trees-and-Small-Boat.jpg - Cuba beach with palm trees.
  • Cuba-Blue-Car-Profile-in-Front-of-Teal-Building_01.jpg - Vintage cars dot the streets of Havana.
  • Cuba-Bongos_01.jpg - Music is in the air in Cuba, and you can bring bongos back from your Fathom cruise.
  • Cuba-Boys-walking-on-Sidewalk.jpg - Boys walking down a sidewalk in Cuba.
  • Cuba-Calm-Beach-Landscape.jpg - Join Fathom for a picture-perfect cruise to Cuba.
  • necropolis-de-cristobal-colon.jpg - Necrópolis de Cristóbal Colón, a national monument in Havana and one of the largest cemeteries in the Americas, is renowned for its striking religious iconography and elaborate marble statues.
  • Cuba-City-Square-Aerial-Photo_01.jpg - Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, Cuba, has been a gathering place for locals for centuries.
  • Cuba-Colorful-Cars-Angled-Parked_01.jpg - Vintage cars line a street  in Cuba.
  • Cuba-Colorful-Chairs-on-Beach.jpg - The beaches of Cuba await. Board Adonia, a Fathom cruise, to visit Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.
  • Cuba-Colorful-Huts-with-Palm-Tree-Trunks.jpg - Colorful huts on a Cuban beach.
  • Cuba-Country-Side-Landscape_01.jpg - Travel to see the green and lush province of Pinar del Río in Cuba.
  • Cuba-Dome-Architecture-and-Street_01.jpg - The historic center of Cienfuegos, Cuba, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Cuba-family-outside-small-hut.jpg - Encounter local residents in Cuba during a daylong excursion on a people-to-people cultural exchange.
  • Cuba-Girls-in-Convertible-Car_01.jpg - On a visit to Havana you'll come across all kinds of classic cars.
  • Cuba-Havana-Dense-Urban-Landscape_01.jpg - Havana, Cuba, is now a destination for Fathom cruises.
  • Cuba-Landscape-with-Church-Tower_01.jpg - The town of Trinidad, Cuba, is close to Cienfuegos, Cuba.
  • Cuba-Man-Rolling-Cigars.jpg - Cigar rolling is an art in Havana, Cuba.
  • Cuba-Sailboat-at-Dusk.jpg - Sailboats in Cuba at sunset.
  • Cuba-Stone-Wall-and-Beach-Landscape.jpg - The Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca was built to protect the port of Santiago de Cuba.
  • Cuba-Street-with-Cars-and-Colorful-Buildings.jpg - Lovely buildings in Cuba.
  • Cuba-Street-with-Green-Car-Peds-Buildings_01.jpg - Pedicabs are the most common way of getting around Old Havana.
  • Cuba-Street-with-Small-Colorful-Homes-and-Donkey_01.jpg - Colorful homes in the town of Trinidad, Cuba.
  • Cuba-Sunset-with-Waves-Crashing-on-Rocks.jpg - Sunset on a Cuban beach.
  • Cuba-Three-Cars-Parked-Along-Row-of-Colorful-Buildings_02.jpg - The colors of Old Havana at sunset.
  • Cuba-Two-Old-Men-Sitting-in-Blue-Deck-Chairs.jpg - Meet local residents in Cuba as part of a cultural exchange.
  • Cuba-Unique-Architecture-and-Colorful-Parked-Cars_01.jpg - The Great Theater of Havana at rush hour.
  • Cuba-Urban-Landscape_02.jpg - The town of Trinidad, Cuba, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Cuba-Woman-Wading-in-Waves-at-Sunset.jpg - A Cuban woman wades in the surf at sunset.
  • Cuban-Food_01.jpg - Cuban cuisine is a blend of Native American, Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisines.
  • Cuban-Man-and-Woman-in-Doorway.jpg - A Cuban woman and man in a doorway.
  • Cuban-Woman-in-Colorful-Dress-in-Front-of-Yellow-Wall.jpg - A flower seller in Old Havana.
  • Cuban-Woman-Making-Pottery2.jpg - A Cuban potter at work.
  • Map-of-Cuba-Graphic.jpg - Havana, Cuba, is just 228 miles from Miami.
  • Young-Cuban-Man-Agianst-Colorful-Wall_01.jpg - Each Fathom cruise to Cuba includes opportunities to meet local artists.
  • Adonia-Andersons.jpg - Join fellow passengers in the lounge to talk over the day's excursion on Adonia from Fathom.
  • Adonia-Atrium.jpg - The atrium of Fathom's cruise ship Adonia.
  • Adonia-Bow.jpg - Adonia now sails to Cuba and the Dominican Republic as part of Fathom's impact travel initiative.
  • Adonia-Close-Starboard-Bow.jpg - Azamara Pursuit will launch in August 2018 after a refurbishment of the small ship Adonia.
  • Adonia-Crows-Nest.jpg - The Crow's Nest lounge on Fathom's Adonia offers sweeping views of Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
  • Adonia-Curzon-Lounge.jpg - The Curzon Lounge on Fathom Adonia offers entertainment options during cruises to Cuba or the Dominican Republic.
  • Adonia-Deck-Chairs.jpg - Stretch out and relax on sea days during your cruise days on Azamara's Pursuit.
  • Adonia-from-front.jpg - Carnival Corp.'s Adonia is being refurbished starting in March 2018 so the ship can relaunch as Azamara Pursuit in August 2018.
  • Adonia-Gym-Workout.jpg - Keep up your workouts on Adonia during cruises to Cuba or the Dominican Republic.
  • Adonia-Happy-Hour-on-Deck.jpg - Meet new friends and enjoy happy hour on deck on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Library.jpg - Find some reading material or discuss the day's events in the Library on Adonia from Fathom.
  • Adonia-Ocean-Grill.jpg - The Ocean Grill offers an intimate dining experience on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Outside-Stateroom.jpg - An Outside Stateroom on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Pacific-Resaurant.jpg - Join your fellow passengers in the Pacific Restaurant, the main dining room on Adonia from Fathom.
  • Adonia-Passengers-at-the-Bar.jpg - Hot days and warm tropical nights call for a drink at the Pool Terrace Bar on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Penthouse-Suite.jpg - Relax in your spacious personal sanctuary, the Penthouse Suite, on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Salon.jpg - Treat yourself to the Salon on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Sorrento.jpg - Sorrento Restaurant on Fathom's Adonia is the place for modern Italian fare.
  • Adonia-Suite.jpg - Stay in a comfortable Suite on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Unwind-Crystal-Pool.jpg - Unwind on sea days at the Crystal Pool on Adonia from Fathom cruise line.
  • Adonia-Andersons-1.jpg - Join fellow passengers in the lounge to talk over the day's excursion on Fathom's Adonia.
  • Adonia-Lido-Deck.jpg - Unwind at the pool on the Lido Deck in between impact travel shore excursions on Adonia, from Fathom.
  • Cuban-Street-Art-and-Sitting-Man.jpg - Artists ply their wares at a market in Cuba.
  • DR-Children-Playing-in-Water-2.jpg - Cruise to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-impact-Traveler-Planting-with-Local-3.jpg - Impact travel allows you to work with local communities in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Local-Boy-Smiling-Against-Wall.jpg - A boy in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Local-Holding-Child-Outside-of-House-3.jpg - Meet the people of the Dominican Republic on a Carnival cruise.
  • DR-Local-Kid-on-Bleachers.jpg - Work with local literacy advocates in Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Local-Kids-Sitting-on-Wall.jpg - Impact travel brings you into communities in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Local-Man-Dancing.jpg - Get your Latin groove on: A man dances in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Outdoor-Dancing-2.jpg - Join in the dancing in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Local-Playing-Drums-2.jpg - Feel the rhythms of the Dominican Republic on a cruise.
  • DR-Local-Trumpet-Player-2.jpg - Attend a concert in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic on a Carnival cruise.
  • DR-Local-Young-Girl.jpg - Young girl in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Man-Surfing-on-Wave-2.jpg - Surf's up near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Man-Surfing-on-Wave-with-Palm-Trees-in-Background.jpg - A surfer takes advantage of the waves in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Neighborhood-Landscape-2.jpg - A neighborhood in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Neighborhood-Landscape-4.jpg - Dominican Republic neighborhood.
  • DR-Outdoor-Dancing-7.jpg - Immerse yourself in the local culture on a cruise to the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Traveler-Legs-Walking-on-Beach.jpg - Stroll along a beach near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Traveler-Local-Shared-Meal-14.jpg - Dine with local residents in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Travelers-at-Waterfall-10.jpg - Hike to waterfalls as part of your cruise to the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Travelers-Planting.jpg - Work within a local community on reforestation projects in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Travelers-Playing-Game-2.jpg - Socialize with the local community in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Travelers-Romance-in-Water-Sunset.jpg - Find romance in the Dominican Republic on a Carnival cruise.
  • DR-Travelers-Sharing-Meal-2.jpg - Dine on local cuisine in the Dominican Republic.
  • DR-Two-Local-Teens-Smiling.jpg - Two teens in the Dominican Republic.

Fathom: Social good voyages ending in summer 2017

Fathom launched in April 2016 as a one-ship cruise line from Carnival Corp. with a focus on impact travel, or travel with a purpose. Alas, its social good mission didn't take hold, and the Fathom cruises to Cuba and the Dominican Republic aboard the smallish 704-passenger ship Adonia will end in June 2017.

Old Havana in Cuba is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Bryan Ledgard / Creative Commons BYOld Havana in Cuba is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Fathom built its short-lived brand on "person-to-person" connections, with excursions focusing on local communities. In Cuba, that has included cultural activities and interacting with local families. In the Dominican Republic, there has been community work to improve lives in the region — a form of voluntourism.

Carnival announced in late November 2016 that the Adonia will be returned to its former operator, P&O Cruises, after its last sailing under the Fathom banner in June 2017. 

Although dedicated Fathom cruises will stop,  the "cruising for good" concept will continue. Carnival announced plans to integrate the Fathom concept on existing cruise lines within the company, with published reports that guests sailing Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, AIDA Cruises and P&O Cruises UK voyages with scheduled calls in Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic will be able to purchase a social impact excursion as they would a traditional shore excursion.

Highlights and what impressed us

  • Travel to three tantalizing ports in Cuba, including Havana.
  • Cultural experiences on board and on shore
  • Small ship size allows you to visit smaller ports

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