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New to cruising Blog post September 28, 2015

We like free stuff! Amazing perks you can get on cruises

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Brand loyalty among cruisers is a funny thing. Each enjoyable cruise you take on one cruise line entrenches you more firmly in your comfort zone. You feel good about your vacation choice, knowing in advance what you are getting. You love that it feels like home when you step onboard. You practically have the menus memorized. What if you switch and Brand X doesn’t have that soufflé you love? Or the right pillows? Once you settle in, it feels like you could sail to the ends of the earth fearlessly with your chosen cruise line.

But you want recognition, too! The cruise line should treat you like royalty for all that loyalty. In some cases they do. Yahoo Travel went in search of the best cruise perks available on the major lines, digging deep into the muddled fine print to find what each loyalty program is best at. Which cruise lines have the best plans for new cruisers looking to begin the loyalty game? And which cater more to serious cruisers whose crowns need a little polishing?

Walter Christen's insight:

Cruise loyalty programs seem to be a no brainer.  It does not cost anything to join, and depending upon how often you cruise and if you seem to frequent the same cruise line, can add up to some nice perks.

On a recent Royal Caribbean cruise, there were a few bottles of water in the room.  I asked the room steward about them and he said that they were free and part of my Crown and Anchor rewards.

We have also received room upgrades, lower deposit requirements and also free drinks and other discounts onboard.

Also not mentioned is that for some cruise lines they have special waiting areas for loyalty members for embarkation and can mean you may be able board the cruise ship earlier. 



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