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New to cruising Blog post October 20, 2015

The finer things aboard Royal Caribbean

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In the world of cruising, family and budget friendly usually come to mind when thinking of Royal Caribbean cruises, not the finer things.  I want to share with you two experiences I recently had on the Vision of the Seas that were quite grand events and elevated my perception of service and epicurean significance.

Walter Christen's insight:

This article hit upon two of the things my wife and I like to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise (actually on any cruise line). Wine tasting and having a memorable dining experience involving steak.

Wine tasting is a lot fun and informative. I like understanding the different types of wine and why you would select one over another to pair with a meal. My tastes lean more to dry red wines where my wife likes lighter white wines. I recommend that if you do want to do wine tasting that you book it early.  On our last cruise we did not and found out that it was completely booked.

Chops Grille is also a favorite of ours and usually book as soon as we board the ship. We usually book Chops Grille for our last night on the cruise. The steaks are outstanding and the service is fantastic.

 Be warned that these finer things on Royal Caribbean are at an additional cost and do tend to sell out, but I feel that they are worthy.



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