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Family travel Blog post July 27, 2015

Disney Cruise vs. Royal Caribbean Cruise

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Cruises have become a huge family vacation destination in recent years. In many ways, cruises offer the perfect vacation experience for families. The ability to get out on the sea, far away from the stressors of “real life” is coveted.

For families with children, there are two popular cruise company options: Disney or Royal Caribbean. Both of these companies are huge names in the cruise and entertainment industry. If you’re faced with booking your family vacation, it can be difficult to decide which will be the best value and provide the maximum amount of fun for you and your kids.

Walter Christen's insight:

When I saw this article it made me think.  Which cruise line, Disney Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean did I think would be better for a family vacation.  My family and I have cruised on both cruise lines. My opinion is it depends on your family and what you are looking for in a family vacation.


If you have small children I would give the edge to Disney. Everything is Disney themed, the shows, character meet and greets, and movies.  The food, I felt was top notch and yes, Disney knows service which is excellent. 

 The cabins are larger than most but I was unsure if the bathroom which is split into to parts really worked for my family.

 The only downside I can see is that traditionally, Disney cost more than other cruise lines. Although when you entertainment options and the superior service, the cost differential does not seem that significant.


 Royal Caribbean

I feel that there are more activities for families with older children on Royal Caribbean but it should be mentioned that they also have a excellent children's programs geared to different age groups.  Flow Riders, rock climbing and other activities would keep the teen aged group occupied for some time.  Royal Caribbean does have character meet ups as well with their association with DreamWorks.

 The food is more varied and geared toward adults  and yes there is a children's menu available.  Evening entertainment may have your teenagers looking for something else to do.  The singing and dancing shows were not my son's cup of tea.

 As  my children got older, we booked adjoining rooms (with a door in-between).  This gave everyone more room to spread out and when needed a place to relax or take a nap.


I would highly recommend either cruise line for a family vacation.




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