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Cruiseable updates Blog post June 29, 2015
The Cruiseable app on the iPhone 6.

The Cruiseable app on the iPhone 6.

Cruiseable releases iPhone 6 app

New iOS app helps travelers find the perfect cruise vacation

After six months of development, we're jazzed to announce that we've released the Cruiseable app for the iPhone.

Download it for free from the App Store.

Since Cruiseable's launch in March, we've been focused on giving people a much easier and visually rich way to discover, plan and book a great cruise vacation. Now, the new Cruiseable app for iPhone 5 or 6 allows users to research and book their perfect cruise vacation while on the go.

We designed the Cruiseable app to make it fun, informative and easy to use. As travelers search a variety of itineraries and guest experiences, our gorgeous, high-quality images whisk them away to ports from Juneau to Hong Kong

Top features of the iPhone app

We created Cruiseable with a mobile experience in mind, and our programming team has created a single database so that if you take an action on the app, it's immediately reflected on the Cruiseable website as well. Conduct a search on the train, save it, and resume later at home on your iPad, laptop or desktop. Very few apps do that! 

The Cruiseable app is a universal mobile app, meaning you can download it for the iPhone or iPad, and it looks quite different, depending on which device you use. (Very few apps do that, either!)

The chief features of the iPhone app are:

  • Discovery: Browse through hundreds of great-looking photos to find the kind of experience that appeals to you.
  • Planning: Just tap the bookmark symbol next to the heart on any photo or article. That saves it to your "My stash," a personal clipping service. The app also remembers previous searches and favorited items. 
  • Booking: Tap the BOOK IT! button throughout the app to easily make your reservation, or send us an email query about a specific cruise. 
  • Notifications: We just rolled out a Notifications feature that lets you know when others have liked or commented on an image, video or article that you've shared on Cruiseable.

Soon, the app will also offer a range of pre- and on-cruise features that enable voyagers to make the most of their vacation.

These are still early days, and we have lots of development ahead, so please let us know what you'd like to see in the next version of the Cruiseable app! 

Giacomo Balli
Mobile & tech entrepreneur and CTO/CoFounder of Cruiseable. ⚓️ Originally from Italy but now living in San Francisco.