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Family travel Blog post November 29, 2015

Carnival's new social media Internet packages are now on more than half its ships

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Carnival Cruise Line's new social media Internet packages – which offer access to a variety of popular Web sites for just $5 a day – are now available on more than half of the line's ships with fleetwide implementation scheduled by the first quarter of 2016.

Additionally, the line's new mobile app – currently available on Carnival Breeze and offering an innovative "chat" feature – has been very well received with a third of the ship's guests actively using the app during their cruise.  The app is expected to be available on five additional ships by the end of the year and be fleetwide by summer 2016.    

"Fast, affordable and reliable social media channels and the Internet have become essential on today's cruise ships," said Gabriela Gonzalez, Carnival's vice president of guest technology.  "We have thoughtfully approached this area to ensure we are providing options that guests sailing throughout our fleet find truly valuable and reliable," she added.

Walter Christen's insight:

This is exciting news for those who need or want to stay connected during their cruise.  The social media package for 5 dollars a day sounds like a deal. There will also be a value package giving more access and a premium package that will even give access to video calling sites such as Skype.

I am also intrigued by the mobile app with a chat feature. It would be nice to be able to find my kids so we could do group activities or have meals together.

 Seems that all the mainstream cruise lines have realized that internet at sea is important to many of their passengers.



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