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Theme cruises Blog post July 3, 2016

American Queen Steamboat Co. Christmas market cruises are here!

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It may seem like the winter holidays are a long way off, but this is actually the perfect time to think ahead and start making your travel plans for that time of year.

One great option: any of the tours offered by American Queen Steamboat Company, which recently unveiled a selection of cruise specials for the 2016 Holidays/Christmas season.

The holidays tend to be a magical time of year anyway, but this is a great way to make them extra special. This is a unique and exciting way to experience the best of the Antebellum South while relaxing aboard the luxury and old-fashioned splendor of the American Queen cruise ship. You will feel like you are traveling as elite adventurers did in years gone by.

Walter Christen's insight:

It may be the Summer but it is not too early to think and book a Christmas cruise. I can think of no better way to spend the holidays aboard the American Queen Steamboat Company's American Queen.