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New to cruising Blog post July 21, 2015
Oasis of the Seas sails from its home port of Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean.

Michel Verdure / Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Oasis of the Seas sails from its home port of Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean.

A first-timer's guide to cruising

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We traditionally send off a new cruise ship by smashing a bottle of champagne against its bow.

So why is there no similar tradition to celebrate the launch of a first-time cruise ship passenger? How great would it be if people going on their first cruises received a similar kind of ceremonial sendoff? Granted, smashing champagne bottles over the heads of paying passengers may not go over well. But why not pour a little champagne over their heads or spray a little spritz of bubbly at the cruising virgin? 

Or better yet, just give them the whole darned bottle.

Sadly, there’s no such established tradition for first-time cruisers. All they get is the excitement of being introduced to this unique form of travel — and the stress of not exactly knowing what it entails. We can’t offer you champagne but we can offer you these answers to the questions you first-time cruisers might have about your trip. Drink them in. 

Walter Christen's insight:

For me, cruising is the most enjoyable vacation.  Relaxing, meeting new people, trying new foods, and seeing interesting ports of call.

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